Follow Your Gut Feeling

Shaping your inner voice

"Are you watching cat videos at work again?
You'd rather be somewhere else, right? 

I know. I'm your Gut Feeling.

Are you hearing that?
That's despair calling. Let's ditch this place!
Follow your Gut Feeling and get your career moving."







Bring Gut Feeling to life

We're always up for a creative challenge. This time our mission was to translate your Inner Voice into a believable character that speaks the mind of employees. FamousGrey re-imagined the identity of T-Interim into Agilitas and needed to personify that voice. Oh my. What an exciting briefing!


character sketches

But Wait?! 3D?!

What? No. This project is not about 3D. It's all about bringing a character to life, creating a backstory, a unique and recognizable identity that can carry a message.

Gut Feeling knows when you're waisting your time watching cat videos on YouTube. He can feel the agony when you drag yourself through the working day and he hears the cries of dispair. Apparently they sound not unlike whales.

To really get a grip on this character we started drawing like crazy. We trust our brains best when our hands are holding a pencil. Quick sketches can define the outlines of a character in no time and draws the playing field wide open.

From 2D to 3D

Once we define the basic shapes, sizes and silhouettes, we play around with textures, lights and environments to build a solid and consistent visual universe. Quick mock ups, again for exploration. Only when we've nailed the exact intrinsic values of the character we start modeling in 3D.

It allows us to get the foundation right and save loads of testing time. Once we know where the production is heading we can concentrate on the design details.

All this prep work truly help the animators in their acting performance. Since the motivation and the character outlines have been carefully determined we can really focus on gestures, expressions and actions. It's all there, hidden in the model, waiting to come out.


The cherry on top

Gut Feeling is truly a personification of the Agilitas brand, connecting with the audience, the community and its industry. We're proud to have played such a vital part in this campaign and we see loads of potential for our animated friend!

Wouter Sel
Creative Director