Contrary to general belief, this jolly sausage is not the result of wild substance abuse. Diederik has been living in a desk drawer at the VOLSTOK offices for over a year now and is actively persuing a career as a professional TV mascotte. His eclectic nature is what drives him in the daftest situations and most absurd encounters and this banger is well on his way to conquer hearts across the globe.


So far there are 30 episodes of The Wurst With a Million Faces,
conceived, designed, animated and owned by VOLSTOK and Diederik himself.
An audio “toolkit” of sounds used for the project was licensed from the Genius German David Kamp.


A website and fanpage of The Royal Frankfurther will be up soon.

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Diederik and his flying scooter



115 episodes were conceived, filmed, designed and animated by VOLSTOK for Belgian national TV, appearing 3 times a week as a silly ray of pleasure in Man Bijt Hond, Belgian's record breaking daily show with a whitty take on the news.


Grab yourself a tub of corn chips and find all 115 episodes on www.demonsters.be

These were produced by Woestijnvis who have no regrets about this up until today. Non whatsoever. Really!

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De Monsters - Candid camera - Man bijt Hond



Hardcore propaganda.

Belgian tv producer and co-owner of SBS Belgium Woestijnvis commissioned these films to launch their brand new TV channel VIER. We dug deep and came up with fierce, yet disturbing propaganda visuals to scare rival braodcasters and manipulate innocent viewers into watching this genius channel with gentle force.

Understandably these films were never aired, because nowadays nobody appreciates the art of destroying your competitors with false accusations whilst promising bigger bossoms for new audiences. We dipped the pellicule in sulfuric acid, dug a hole in our cellar and filled it with cement.

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