24 Hour Fitness

Exercise your happy

When your blood is pumping and your heart is racing.
When you are in the zone: that’s where your endorphins give you that extra boost. We are bringing that glowy, smiley feeling from the inside to the outside. 

24 Hour Fitness wondered what these feelings could look like. How they would embody those three sides of a balanced health: strength, endurance and mindfulness. 
So we imagined those three families of quirky characters as highly energetic beings, cheering us on and making us smile.

The crucial element was character design, so we spent a good amount of time exploring shapes, poses and colors. Then came some testing, matching the characters up with found footage to see how they integrate and their reaction to the real world. This research was necessary to determine the right tone of voice and helped us develop the script to a storyboard that was a tight blueprint for the shoot. No surprises!

Working together with NERD Productions and TEN35 wasn’t merely efficient, it also proved to be very constructive on all practical and creative levels with only one goal in mind: creating a series of film that capture those feelings in an honest and charming way.

The presence of our characters needed to be carefully balanced with the performance of the real people and their surroundings. This is how a decent workout can make you feel!

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