A Cécémel for everyone

A drop with loads of attitude

Pushing brands further in their visual narrative has never been more fun than with Cécémel!
Together with TBWA Belgium we developed a versatile character with loads of attitude, ready to face anything that’s thrown at him. Supported by a pumping rap by Nicholas Brynin and Salah he’s making his first appearance in style.

Creating an animated world involves a lot of sketching, researching styles and shapes to determine the final look.
Every character moves in its own unique way, but we know we’re on the right track when we make our team members smile!
Here’s a fraction of what we designed in the concept stage of this production.

  • Animation Directors

    Wouter Sel & Joren Peters

  • Design

    Eline Mollet & Camille Chailloux

  • Storyboard

    Wouter Sel & Camille Chailloux

  • Lead Animation

    Camille Chailloux

  • Animation

    Eline Mollet
    Joren Peters

  • Compositing

    Joel Rabijns

    Joren Peters

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