Club Brugge

Farmers. Peasants. Hayseed. Hicks.

They call us farmers. Peasants. Hayseed. Hicks.
But they have no idea we gain strength from their taunts.


Club Brugge is the most supported Belgian football club and embraces the insult.
Creating an authentic Flemish character, portraying the indestructible tenacity of the world class team. Eroded hands digging deep into the soil to plant tomorrow’s crops. No fear of adversity, patiently working, an unstoppable force of nature.

Mutant came to us with this daring concept that needed a highly cinematic approach.
It goes without saying our filmmaker senses started tingling right away and we started graphical research to define this mythical, down to earth character and his surroundings.


Making use of lyrically exaggerated perspectives allowed us to build monumental compositions that highlight the underlying atmosphere, crafting a unique and authentic world that portrays football fans’ sincere emotions for their team.

Bringing it to life was a whole new challenge, where illustration dictated movement. We animated on a lower framerate to underline the robust movements and actions of the farmer and accentuated the hand drawn feel. Together with the distorted animated backgrounds everything started falling into place, with the impressive sound design by Klankwerk tying the entire project nicely together.

Teamwork was crucial: working together, passing on shots and collaborating closely with each other was more critical than ever to produce this unique short. 

Here we are. Come and get us.

  • Director

    Wouter Sel

  • Lead Animation

    Camille Chailloux

  • Animation

    Casper Nykopp, Wouter Sel

  • Assistant Animation

    Sofie Vandenabeele, Eline Mollet

  • Design

    Camille Chailloux

  • Motion Design

    Dries Van Broeck

  • Compositing

    Dries Van Broeck

  • Production

    Johanna Keppens, Sarah Verhofstadt

  • Audio


  • Agency


  • Client

    Club Brugge

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