The perfect storm

At the very beginning of the pandemic, when uncertainty was taking over the world by storm, we felt a huge wave of creative solutions going in all directions. Not only did we need to react fast, but also smart and decisive.


Organising our studio to work remotely was the easiest part -most of the work is done on computers anyway- but the challenges for our industry and clients were merely beginning: live shoots were cancelled, yet at the same time there were really important messages to communicate. Like the Belgian government’s initial campaign to inform the general public about Covid-19. Agency Mortierbrigade created a friendly and supportive tone of voice that would set the scene for the entire production, looking forward together, staying cool, collected and sensible. And that’s exactly how we approached this project.

Our challenge was to create a visual language that would not only inform, but that would also lift the general spirit. We balanced on a fine line of realistic, yet stylised. Colorful yet serene, informative, yet appealing. A breezy tone that at the same time delivers an important message. And, we had to race against the clock to be relevant.


Our entire team started sketching characters right away, examining colors, shapes and compositions until we felt the concept solidifying. Once we could see it move and breathe in our minds, we knew we hit the right note!

Organising this production required us to set up multiple teams of 2 or 3 animators to tie down their respective shots while carefully supervising the overall artistic consistency, making it not only a creative challenge, but also pushing our productional expertise to the next level.


Mixing the hard work, talent and dedication together with the trust we got from our client, we managed to deliver these charming and truly meaningful series of animated videos in the most effective way possible. We’re not only proud of the result, but also thankful that Mortiebrigade picked up on the unique possibilities that animation has to offer.

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