Realtime animations

When Belgium’s finest radio station asked us to provide visuals for their completely new, state of the art broadcasting studio we were thrilled. The question was to provide long, looping animations to bring some life to the space. But we wanted to take it a step further so we built an application that matches their cutting edge technology and advanced design. 

We suggested generating realtime animations that are triggered by the music and the nature of the programme so the image would keep evolving and never be the same. A fresh and clear concept, but quite the experiment in technology and design.

We started by deconstructing the logo and matched it with experimental abstract 3D design. Researching colors, textures and moods to capture the unique identity of StuBru from every angle. When we found the perfect visual language we teamed up with Unreal Engine expert Tom Hemeryk to build our creative ideas into a living, working application.

Testing, testing, testing… Every iteration of the project was a looping motion between creative, technical and the fine people at StuBru. The production itself is unpredictable in nature, so every test taught us new limitations. And new possibilities! Visual worlds started growing and evolving into coherent visual creations that seamlessly fit the new broadcasting studio.

Three huge displays are mounted behind the radio presenter broadcasting live motion graphics around the clock. Animation, textures, physics and colors are generated realtime by the music’s bpm, the time of day and the nature of the radio show. Smooth, slow motion, like lava lamps during a daytime show, pumping and flashing eye candy during the weekend DJ sets.

Monday August 29th at 06:00 am the application started running, ready to generate original images for years to come, knowing there will never be a duplicate frame ever. Exploring this technical field opened up a ton of possibilities for future iterations or completely different productions, inspiring us to explore more of realtime motion design.

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