Visit Flanders

A traditional Flemish tale

Brussels Airport and Visit Flanders joined forces with an experiential project dedicated to our Flemish tourist assets.
The aim of this ambitious project was giving those travelling from Brussels Airport one last culinary memory of Flanders.

Drawing attention with a video about a regional product amidst such a sea of impressions was a great challenge, which we gladly accepted. We told the story of the long and mostly invisible journey endive takes from root to dish in a way that traditional film couldn’t.

About 25 million people travel through Brussels Airport per year and this video will give them one last culinary memory of Belgium. A unique opportunity to make an impression.

  • We were instantly excited to tackle this challenge and to approach it as a short film rather than a promotional video. 
    Working directly with the client enabled us to get to the essence of their intention and translate it to a solution that exceeded their expectations.

  • Making a movie in a vertical format is a real challenge, but rather than seeing it as a restriction, we conceptually embraced it as a source of inspiration for our compositions.
    It also inspired us to work with an uninterrupted camera movement, taking the viewer on a ride through the story. 

  • In order to draw attention we developed a monumental black-and-white style that catches the eye no matter how busy the environment.
    We deliberately kept a steady pace, so that those who notice the video will be able to join in immediately.

We wanted the film to breathe an authentic flemish mood without it being too obvious or dominant.
The hand drawn illustration of the farmer might bring to mind a painting by Constant Permeke called ‘Liggende boer - De oogst (1933)’.
His farmer with unusually big hands is depicted on the old 1000 Belgian Francs note.
The carved look and the use of black and white is inspired on Masereel’s monumental and graphical style.

We raised the bar high. We divided the shots per animator in a way that allowed us to capitalize on their individual strengths. In some shots we focus on subtlety and attention to detail whereas in other ones more emphasis was put on camera movement or the acting of the characters.

Thanks to consistent supervision and direction, artistic vision and a meticulous production follow-through, we were able to achieve a result that exceeded all expectations. 

Because we were enjoying this black en white world so much, we created this extra 360 youtube experience for one of the scènes. It allowed us to experiment with this new technique and we could offer our client some extra content based on the original material. 

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