Yuzzu Rebranding campaign

Touring verzekeringen rebranded to Yuzzu

Yuzzu, a strange name for an insurace company, but you'll get used to it!

With this campaign we are visualizing the contrast between what should be normal and what is rather odd. An alpaca presenting the news, a sloth in a hurry and a tech-savvy knight, that's weird! But they all bring the straightforward message that it is normal to get a price offer for a new insurance within five minutes. 

Boondoggle asked us to develop a simple yet playful visual style and some fresh characters matching the straightforward and relativizing positioning. We developed all the assets and animations for print tv online and outdoor communication.

Our favourite part is exploring the visual language with concept designs. In this case we drew hundreds of alpaca's: silly ones, fluffy ones, serious ones and weird ones. Looking for the right balance between straightforward, playfull yet mature enough to translate the brands message. 

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