Davodka Music video

"Sama" - used in addressing persons higher in rank than oneself"

In an eclectic retro-futuristic world, Davodka faces his demons "At the end of the ceremony, my vocal art will attack, the storm will crush you, because Davodka Sama is so far ahead, you couldn't even make it back from there."

How to create an entire world?

French rap artist Davodka approached us to work together on this project. He wanted to create a visual exploration that tells his journey as an artist. Always fighting to move forward, how to overcome the critics and the appreciation of his hard earned success.

After a brainstorm we all immediately fell for the idea to bring a dystopian world to life, bathing in a retro-futuristic style, referencing and celebrating the Japan's eclectic and beautiful culture.

Check outDavodka's website to find out more about his music.

Story, style and experience.

Davodka is on a crusade to fulfill his destiny: to reach the throne and claim his crown. It’s a long and hard journey filled with obstacles.

Although the tempo of the music is quite high, we allow the designs and situations to breathe, giving them enough time to really soak in the details and the constant feeling of tension. The compositions are heavy, bold, desolate or claustrophobic, inspired by Japanese ink drawings and modernist architecture.

To get to the top, you need to make sacrifices. It's Davodka's story, and also the story of this production. Being more ambitous than our budget allowed us, we dedicated a lot of our free time to maintain a high standard of quality. Commit or die!

Wouter Sel - Creative Director VOLSTOK

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