Ghost Eye

Our first animated short film, written and Directed by Wouter Sel and Thijs De Cloedt

We produced our very first animated short film, written and directed by Wouter Sel and Thijs De Cloedt. 

Ghost Eye is a raw and unsettling story about a taxi-driving nobody, struggling with pointlessness, booze, and insanity. But deep inside all the madness there's an unusual spark of beauty waiting to be discovered. 

Ghost Eye is the result of the directors' literary interest and passion for the poetry in pain, the beauty in decay and the grace in despair. 
It's a story that grabs you by the throat, making you unsure if you need to feel any empathy for this grim world's inhabitants.
Digging into the emotion of discomfort is something we prefer to ignore, while there's value and beauty in there as well.

To match the raw, direct writing style Wouter and Thijs designed in distinct drawing styles for the different chapters. Not only to support the varying moods, but also to unsettle the audience. Instead of designing a perfect world, their intention is to support the unsettling emotions even more.

The film is a visual kick in the teeth. Illustrator Sam Vanallemeersch captured the world in his painstakingly detailed drawings of clutter, filth and distortion, making it the perfect background for our disconnected characters.

Good sound determines half of the movie experience.

The raw story of Ghost Eye needed an “out of whack” voice and a sick audiotrack. Our passionate and talented friends at Audiotheque gave more than we bargained for. They engaged Chris Goss, the Godfather of Desert Rock as voice talent and created the incredible music compositions and disturbing sound effects.
The carefully assembled mix of the barred voice-over with the unique and haunting music drags you along deeper into the madness of this grim world. 


The story and visual language were conceived and developed by directors Wouter Sel and Thijs De Cloedt.
Background design was passed on to the absurdly talented Sam Vanallemeersch while David Chambolle was put in charge as the animation lead. Audiotheque truly created magic with the audio-production. Wouter Sel did a marvelous job on the edit and was in charge of compositing. Johanna Keppens supervised the whole production process from strat to end.

This fine combination of talent made the film what it has become: a beautiful, sparkling mess of disarray.
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